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I'm ginger, I'm a girl, I like fat flared cords and massive boots, I love to go out (alternative) clubbing and I work as a tax adviser. And I like it. So nerr.

I spend my time talking to people on the internet, going out dancing, shopping too much, being a bit naughty and eating lots of cake. CCK is the centre of the universe. I also play recorders in my spare time.

I like playing with the other goths, but some of them just aren't hardcore enough. And most of them aren't pirates, dammit.

If people are nice to me, I will be loyal forever and will also bake them cookies. C''s a win-win situation!

I'm a bit obsessed with NIN...and Trent Reznor is god. Hmm....yummy :)

This is my google calendar, rah!

This is my Last.Fm rubbish, more rah!

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